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"When you learn to take control of your mind instead of having it control you, then you are on the way to a truly fulfilling and happy life."

Dr. Galit Goldfarb


Galit's passion for health also involves the workings of the mind. Following much suffering in her life, being poor, caring for two mentally challenged daughters, suffering from addictions, a violent marriage, and later cancer, she became deeply involved in personal development to help herself reach a better life.

By reading countless books, participating in many seminars, reading research periodicals, and completing courses in NLP, coaching, and courthouse mediation, Galit transformed not only her life but the lives of all she helps in her clinic. 

Galit shares her knowledge and experience through free online coaching on youtube and in her book 100 Days From Today and her online 100 Days Challenge to a better you! Join today and transform your relationships, health, and life!

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Better Choices

Helping you find fulfillment in all aspects of life by helping you make better choices in life is the way to lasting happiness. The Rejoice Every Choice - Skills To Achieve Success, Happiness and Fulfillment book series is a five short book series teaching the formula for making successful choices in the most important fields of life (relationships, health, abundance, peace of mind) that will provide you the control and happiness you desire. This easy reading but profound personal development series includes:

Book # 1: The Basics Everyone Needs to Know | Book # 2: How to Create Peace of Mind | Book # 3: How to Create Optimum Health | Book # 4: How to Create Great Relationships | Book # 5: How to Create Wealth & Abundance.


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Reach New Heights

Our mindset is responsible for the level of satisfaction we feel from life. For under $50, I offer a 12-week mindset transformational program that will help you get from where you are today, to a happier more fulfilling life for you and all those around you. I will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to banish limiting beliefs, increase your self-esteem, get rid of unnecessary worry and stress, and find true peace of mind and internal happiness that is independent of anything external. It is an easy to follow 12-week program that will help you transform your life for the better.

If you are interested in transforming the state of your health. Join The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program. There is no better program to help you achieve all of your physical needs.

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“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” 

Jerzy Gregorek

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