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Hi, I’m Galit Goldfarb, and my passion in life is educating people to heal themselves through making better eating and lifestyle choices while caring simultaneously for the world we live in.

Here's a little about myself and how I have come to find my passion:

My passion in life is to be happy and satisfied and to help others do the same. Success for me involves succeeding in all walks of life including being healthy, both mentally and physically, living in good relationships, being financially free, and having peace of mind.

Here is a little about me and how I have come to find my passion:

I have always been enthusiastic about writing, nutrition, and helping others, and this helped me throughout my university studies, which later became a 26-year career in the field of medicine. My career started while I was searching for help to conquer the bulimia I had been suffering from at the age of 16. I went to the local library to gain as much knowledge as I could at the time. At age 21 I moved to London where I earned a Bachelor's degree with honors in Biochemistry & Nutrition from the University of North London with research performed at The Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition in collaboration with The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London and studied Immunology and Toxicology at the University of Hertfordshire.

At the time I also experimented with alternative medicine and gained diplomas in healing, Chinese medicine, and alternative nutrition.

During my studies, my life took on a downward spiral with the birth of my eldest mentally challenged daughter when I was just 23 years old. One and a half years later my second disabled daughter was born, and my marriage was torn apart. After the divorce, I had no money to feed my children and was still in the middle of custody issues with my ex. The lawyer who worked with me told me that if I would not get my act together financially, my children could be taken away from me. At this moment I decided to support myself. I read and learned all I could about the subject and soon began business as a real estate entrepreneur.
While building my business as a real estate entrepreneur, I never actually left the field of health and nutrition. I simultaneously continued to study medicine at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel where I earned a Master's degree in Medical Science and in Physiology with a research project involving stem cells and physical activity at the Neufeld Heart Research Institute in Sheba. I later opened a private coaching practice in the field of Nutritional Medicine and also worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for the Israeli ambulance service - Magen David Adom.
That period involved much personal development for me as I delved deeply into changing irrelevant and non-useful beliefs and behaviors that I held. I studied deeply about the power of our subconscious mind and how we can learn to control it to increase our self-esteem and succeed in life. The methods I found out during this period changed my life completely around. Through a strong desire to care for my children, my businesses succeeded and I became well off and financially independent through them. The methods I learned helped me to reach my true potential in other fields of life as well including conquering bulimia, becoming happy, irrelevant to external conditions, becoming fulfilled by working on my life purpose, and being part of a great relationship. I share the knowledge I gained during this period of my life HERE

To help all who are interested in reaching their true full potential of becoming fulfilled, financially independent, happy and fruitful, I have also written a five-book series titled: Rejoice Every Choice - Skills To Achieve Success, Happiness and Fulfillment Series which includes:

Book # 1: The Basics Everyone Needs to Know

Book # 2: How to Create Peace of Mind

Book # 3: How to Create Optimum Health

Book # 4: How to Create Great Relationships

Book # 5: How to Create Wealth & Abundance

This book series was written to help the reader, quickly master the necessary changes to reach these goals by learning and gaining the tools to do so.

At that stage in my life, I thought to myself that perhaps nutrition was all in my mind and presumed that if I ate as I wished but believed I would be healthy, then I would be healthy. But I was certainly in for a surprise. I changed my eating habits and followed the typical western world diet. I stopped eating only whole foods and began to conform to society. I started eating hamburgers for the first time in my life, as well as white bread, white rice, and white pasta. I ate whipped cream, cheesecakes, and all the rest, although not extensively. I thought that if everyone was eating these foods then maybe I was the crazy one not to be eating them.

After two and a half years on the average Western World diet, I was diagnosed with pre-uterine cancer and was operated on to remove the affected cells. But I still did not see the connection between my diet and my health until a second surprise showed up after four years into the typical Western World diet in the form of thyroid cancer with diseased lymph nodes. I was operated on twice, and I finally understood that my diet was what had made me more susceptible to the disease.

It was then that I began devoting my time to researching the ideal diet for human consumption that supports health and longevity as well as a fit physique which I have happily gained in the process.

The outcome of this intense period of research came to my next book: The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program, which became a #1 International Bestseller, and won the silver award for best health and fitness book in 2016 and the gold award in 2017 by Readers Favorite and Bookvana, and received an excellent Kirkus review.
By following the Guerrilla Diet myself, I have, without any added effort on my part, reached my perfect weight, gained plenty of energy to fulfill my life, and become cancer and addiction free. This diet has indeed changed my personal life, but that's not the whole story. All of my clients have lost weight and healed or found remission from many disorders and diseases. But most importantly for me, my eldest daughters have reduced the frequency of their epileptic seizures and feel much better.

At this time I was invited to give a TEDx talk on my research into The Ideal Diet For Humans which has now reached about 4 million views.

But even following the revelation of this diet (which does include some animal products), and watching The Guerrilla Diet's immense effects on human health, I personally decided to go completely vegan after watching Gary Yurofsky's lecture titled: "The best speech you'll ever hear." From that day on I never looked back.
The key was to make the change to veganism in the right way, and through the tools, I gained from my research into The Ideal Diet For Humans, I understood how to make this change correctly to support my health with the help of proper supplementation.

I understood that since I care for my health and my children's health and the planet's health, I also need to care for the animals with whom we share the world.

I have completed my doctoral research on “Sustainably Feeding 10 Billion Healthy People” and was invited to talk at the United Nations Global Entrepreneurship Initiative in June 2018 about food choices.

I currently live at my home in Caesarea, Israel, with my daughters, I exercise regularly outdoors in nature, and indoors with my treadmill desk, and maintain a healthy vegan diet with supplements. But most importantly, I am healthy, happy, spiritually awake most of the time, and fulfilled due to the choices that I make day by day, moment by moment and I care the same for you.
“Our choices define our life, and our choices create our opportunities.” - Galit Goldfarb