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Challenging what we think about food choices:

Our food choices imapct practically every aspect of our being. Watch my short talk at The United Nations, Global Entrepreneurship Initiative, June 2018.

My New Book On How We Can Healthy and Sustainably Feed The Growing Population

Our food and lifestyle choices leave footprints that have significant effects on us, on our future generations, and other populations and regions around the world. Our decisions are not isolated; hence, before making lifestyle choices, we should understand their effects.

My new book, FOODPRINTS, provides in-depth research on our current food situation, and how our choices affect us and the world around us, while also providing the solutions that can ensure that the growing population, which is expected to reach 10 billion by 2060, is fed in a healthy and sustainable way.

In this book, I talk about the problems we face today as a growing species and provide simple yet effective solutions for individuals and governments that can support our species into a healthy future life on Earth.

At The Disruptive Innovation Festival

My thoughts on healthily feeding the growing future population at The Disruptive Innovation Festival Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with Sophie Gruboeck, November 2017.

There is something we can all do to secure the future health of our planet and the people living in it.