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Today our quote of the day is:

“no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”


Most people fail to achieve their dreams not because they lack the intelligence or the willpower to fulfill them, but because of non-beneficial behavioral patterns that return over and over again in their life and lead them to live a life they do not wish for. 

Holding these outdated thought and behavioral patterns, keep us in the same loop over and over again, doing the same things and getting similar results that we may not be too happy with. 

What must first change is our level of consciousness to create a different, better, and more fulfilling future for ourselves.  This means that we have to change. Nature is always changing to adapt to the weather and the environment, we see this around us all the time. The same is happening with the world around us. It is ever-changing, and if we are not willing to allow change into our life, or we if we are not willing to change ourselves, then we will be living our lives with an ever-growing gap between where we want to be and where we are today. This will lead to much suffering and unhappiness in our lives that we will not understand from where this discontentment comes from. It comes from fear of change. This is absolutely natural. Some of us, even though we know we have a problem, prefer everything to stay the same, because often, even a difficult situation is more comfortable for us than change is. But in reality, if we are not improving and changing for the better, we are actually going back and becoming worse off. 

When you need to change your habits with regards to your eating or your exercise, it will be hard at first, but if you don’t make any change, believe me, it will be much harder in the long run. 

I was living with bulimia, an eating disorder for 16 years. I obsessed about food, but no one knew about this. I was living a lie. 

I only found the power to release this addiction to food and head down a better path for me when I understood that my habits needed to change, and what this really meant, was that the foods that I was choosing needed to change. I had to change myself, and understand that I needed to find a healthier way to control my weight, and it didn’t matter if this change was scary. I had to do it. I had to change. I used to prefer the easy way to doing something and in this case I found it easier to vomit than to learn and do the things needed to do to lose weight naturally. I tried different diets, but never got results so I always came back to the sure way which was vomiting the foods I ate. 

I had to change myself, from this childish behavior to one of a responsible adult. Something that was sustainable. So of course those of you who know me, know that I stopped the bulimia by changing my mindset, and I used running to maintain my weight in the beginning. It was only after doing my research into the ideal diet for humans that I learned how simple it was to maintain my weight, just by adhering to the right foods that are suitable for humans, and on this I have a 12 week program to teach anyone who is interested in the right steps to achieve this goal, 

But the main thing that I want to say is that all change is scary, yes it is!

I was scared to gain weight and I was scared to look terrible. But I took responsibility for my situation and when I changed (meaning I changed my mindset and my physical actions), everything changed. This is why mindset is a very important part of weight loss and health. You can’t really succeed at anything if you have a faulty mindset, and that’s where it begins, and this is why I started these coaching videos. So that I can coach you online, for free and help you achieve your health and wellness goals by slowly helping you change your mindset and your habits. There is nothing that you can’t succeed in. You just have to change your consciousness. You have to see yourself moving to a parallel reality in your imagination where you have everything that you desire. And then combine yourself with that reality now. This is how you will succeed. 

The question you want to ask yourself today is:

Now I want to finish off with a question that you can ask yourself so that your answer will perhaps move you towards your goals. Where in your life do you know you need change? And what is stopping you up till now from making that change? Think about this and your answers will be very revealing.

The affirmation you want to tell yourself today is:

“I believe in myself completely”

Now tell this to yourself as many times as you remember to do so today, because with repetition, an affirmation has the power to alter your brain so that you think and behave differently.

So until next time, have a great day!


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