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#CARE History

Once upon a time, there was an unhappy, overweight and unhealthy young mother of two babies with mental disability and epilepsy. She found herself utterly confused about what to eat for health, energy and what to eat for healing disease. After being diagnosed with cancer, Galit knew there was something wrong.

"I knew that what we eat has a grave impact on our health more than anything else does, but what is right to eat? Is it individual - do we each have an ideal diet? What does it depend on? After over 10 years of university studies, degrees and countless diplomas, I still didn’t have the answer".

As they say, if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.

I decided to put together the research from all of the scientific fields to get my answer, not only research from nutritional and food sciences. Once I found the answer to the ideal diet for humans, my life changed and so did the lives of my clients, family, and children (by then already four ;). People healed from diseases or improved their situation for conditions that I never even knew existed.

#CARE Ideology

At #CARE, we take great pride in educating people from all around the globe to become smarter consumers. When we choose the right foods, the right products, and the right mindset, we improve our personal health and maintain a sustainable culture that has the highest interests in mind: The Individual, The Family, The Community, and The Planet.

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#CARE Future

My goal is to help you understand the essence of the ideal diet, to help you lose weight and heal your body so that you can live the life of your dreams.

But, most amazingly, the ideal diet for humans is also the most caring for our planet, and it is the cheapest diet and the one that causes the least amount of suffering.

It’s a WIN WIN WIN WIN diet!

When we care for our health the right way, we also care for our future generations’ health and the health of our planet. My dream is to re-define the “care brand" and create something – with you – that's better for the people in terms of health and longevity, better for the planet we call home, and better for the animals with whom we share it.

Let’s heal our world togetherSM.

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How We #CARE


Here at #CARE, we take great pride in our Guerrilla Diet online weight management program, based on the internationally bestselling, award-winning book: The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program. We have educated people on the keys to a healthy lifestyle which has led to a total transformation of their health in an outstanding way. Some of the most severe disease states have been cured, led into remission or supported through this way of life. The program builds upon the research into the ideal diet for humans and gives people the cooking and choice making skills to conquer any health and weight issues. For most people, this program will completely transform their lives, a dream come true.


Galit Goldfarb begins with her own story -- becoming bulimic as a teen, and determining to learn all she could about science and nutrition in college, and yet still not achieving health. She studied medical science, opening a clinic after her return. But everyone she treated felt better only in the short-term. She was also diagnosed with cancer. She began to learn all about human health, reading from all the scientific fields until she was able to understand the answer: the guerilla diet (food choices that fight back against everything she had learned!). Goldfarb takes us through ancient human history, demonstrating evidence of the earliest humans' health and diet (living into their 70s and eating plants, nuts, fruits, and legumes) and how humans moved shortsightedly away from that diet. Cancer-free (without radiation), her final argument is simple -- while an "omnivore" diet may in the short term taste better, in the long term, it is unhealthy, not only for us but for our planet. Watch her TEDx talk here

#CARE In Numbers


If current dietary habits and trends continue, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the food system in 2050 will be 51 percent higher than current levels.


If everyone in the world followed a 90% plant based diet the savings in health costs would be just over $1 trillion coming from lower rates of coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.


The health benefits from leading a plant based diet would result in 8.1 million fewer deaths per year worldwide.


If everyone in the world followed a 90% plant based diet; greenhouse gas emissions would decrease by 55 percent.

#CARE News and Information

#CARE News

  • If you are unhappy with the state of your health
  • If you are unhappy with your current weight
  • If you want to ensure a healthy future for yourself and your family,

The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program Bootcamp is for you. The 12 week program is now available year round with access to Dr. Goldfarb through her direct email for all of your questions. If you are interested in transforming your eating habits to those more in line with health and nature, this is the program you need to join: The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Bootcamp


#CARE Information

- The Guerrilla Diet is a sustainable diet. A sustainable diet is defined as one that promotes food sustainability and ecological well-being. If you are interested in  how you can contribute to making this world healthier while also making your own health better, here are two books you definately want to read:

#CARE Information

- Making change is never easy and that is why Dr. Goldfarb has created a free life coaching series to help you make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones. It is available free on YouTube.Here is a link to this playlist

- Making healthy change needs to be done in the right way. Here are dr. Goldfarb’s health videos. There is a video created for almost all conditions. Here is a link to her YouTube channel where you can search for your specific health needs.

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