Today our quote of the day is: 

“transform jealousy to admiration, and what you admire will become part of your life”.

Yoko Ono

Even if it seems that someone has all you desire in their lives, research shows that most people would never trade their life with someone else’s. We are all unique and special. 

The only comparison that we should make is to compare ourselves with what we did in the past and with we could have done in the past and how we are today and what we are doing today. 

We are each special human beings. We each have our own unique gifts, passions and special purpose. We each have very special gifts to give the world that will help or benefit our fellow beings in someway. We should learn and develop what we are good and what we have passion for in a purposeful way and to have fun in the process. We also need to care for our health so that we have the energy to go after our dreams. We need to care for our body because this is what takes us through life. There is no spare body that we can change into if we abuse what we have 

I know that it easier said than done, changing your mindset is hard. And that is why I recommend a simple exercise: 

Ask yourself, who do I find myself comparing my achievements with? 

Who do you often find yourself comparing yourself with and why? 

Now turn this person into your mentor instead. think about the powerful characteristics that you like and admire in them. Write a list of these characteristics. Now decide that these can be yours as well.  Of course not all things can be changed, and not all qualities can be yours, but more often then not you will see that what you really admire in this person is something that you can adopt into your life with a little effort. Firstly you want to visualize yourself having these specific traits and qualities. Confirm having these traits in front of a mirror everyday, or while you are driving to work by affirming and reaffirming them to yourself. For example, say I am courageous, I  take risks, I believe in myself or I have confidence in myself. Make these traits become part of you by repetition of these traits with emotional energy. What does this mean? It means that you add the energy of emotion while you repeat these statements to yourself. If you are consistent with these visualizations and affirmations, these habits that belong to someone that you currently envy, will slowly become a part of who you are and you will see yourself in a new light and will see what you can achieve in this world. When you repeat these statements, and start to believe something about yourself, your subconscious mind will start to recognize it as true.  things will show up in your life and all you need to do is act on the opportunities that come to you. 

This lesson may sound as if it has nothing to do with health, but it absolutely does. If you see someone eating a lot of food and you see that they are thin, you should not envy them or compare yourself to them. You are not with them 24 hours a day to see how they really live and what they are really doing. How much they move around, what they eat the rest of the day and what they do the rest of the day. Focus on yourself. That is the only place where you should be focusing. Focus on what you know you need to do to change and go for it. 

I am a star wars fan, and in episode 8, carrie fisher said; We have everything we need to succeed. You do have everything you need to succeed and become the person you want to become. Nothing can stop you but you yourself! now just go and do the work.

The affirmation you want to tell yourself repeatedly today is:

“I don’t need to compare myself to strangers, I am special as I am”.

Now tell this to yourself as many times as you remember to do so today, because with repetition, an affirmation has the power to alter your brain so that you think and behave differently.

Have a great day!


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